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These are the real stories of young people we have supported in Hertfordshire.


The names used in our case studies are pseudonyms and the photographs are stock images to protect the identity of our service users.


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After not speaking to each other for nine months and living separately, Aaron and his mum had built up a lot of resentment and hurt towards each other.


Mediation Family


Andrew, who is autistic, was supported by hyh to learn how to manage his home and is now making great steps toward independent living. 


Outreach Health and Wellbeing Independent Living


Like many teenagers, Anya found it difficult to open up to her mum. Particularly after her experience of sexual assault, she wanted to find a way to communicate with her and feel heard.


Mediation Video Abuse Family

D AndreD’Andre

D’Andre was facing homelessness in the run up to his GCSEs. hyh Mediation helped him rebuild his relationship with his dad and return home.


Mediation Sofa Surfing Family Abuse


Beth hopes to be a role model for her younger sister Amber. Through our mediation service, Beth has built up trust with her mum, however this hasn’t always been the case.


Mediation Video Family


Donna’s mental health condition made it difficult for her to live independently. hyh advocated for Donna to get the right support, so she could stay in her home. 


Intensive Outreach Health & Wellbeing Independent Living


Hari, 18, became homeless shortly after having her baby. With hyh’s help, Hari is getting back on track and now has regular contact with her baby.


Outreach Sofa Surfing Care Leaver Family Temporary Accomodation


Issac left Eritrea aged 15 and travelled to the UK as an unaccompanied minor, searching for a safe home. He is now a full-time student with a part time job and settled into his own flat.


Outreach Asylum Seeking Care Leaver Independent Living

Jack and Chloe

Jack, 12, and Chloe, 14, got in touch with hyh for help resolving a family conflict. hyh mediation has helped these young siblings repair their crucial bond with their mum. 


Mediation Sofa Surfing Family


hyh supported Jade to move on from an abusive relationship. For the first time in years, Jade feels in control of her own future and dreams of following in her mum’s footsteps to become a midwife.


Outreach Health & Wellbeing  Independent Living Abuse Temporary Accomodation


Jermaine, 17, ended up sofa surfing after his dad went to prison. hyh helped Jermaine find somewhere to stay so that he could focus on regaining some stability in his life. 


Hub Sofa Surfing  Family Exploitation Temporary Accomodation


Over the three years, Leon has progressed from sleeping on the streets and dealing with drug dependency, to staying in a hostel and now, living in his own flat.


Outreach  Sofa Surfing Rough Sleeping Independent Living Temporary Accomodation Addiction


Maddie was referred to hyh after her family home became unsafe for her and her newborn daughter. Maddie and her daughter are now settled into supported accommodation.


Outreach Family Independent Living Temporary Accomodation 


Makyla was referred to hyh after her rented studio flat become damp and mouldy, putting pressure on her mental and physical health. hyh advocated for Makyla to make sure she was getting the support she deserves.


Outreach Health & Wellbeing Independent Living


Omar is a care leaver, having left Sudan in 2017. Both of his parents have passed away, so Omar lacks the family network to support him in the UK that most people his age rely on.


Outreach Asylum Care Leaver Independent Living


A regular mother-daughter relationship often tips between friendliness and disagreements, and Poppy and her mum’s relationship had been no different.


Hub Family


Raya became homeless after conflict at home and gang exploitation put her safety and wellbeing at risk. hyh have helped Raya find somewhere safe to stay so she can begin to move forward from this difficult time in her life.


Hub Sofa Surfing Health & Wellbeing Exploitation Temporary Accomodation


Ryan, 21, is a care leaver and has an intellectual disability. Since being referred to hyh, he has been on a journey to learn how to take care of himself and is making great progress towards independence. 


Intensive Outreach Health and Wellbeing Independent Living Addiction


At 18, Tamsin was facing the threat of eviction on top of dealing with grief, debt, and a chronic heart condition. Tamsin is now back on track with her finances and feeling much more confident about independent living. 


Outreach Health and Wellbeing Independent Living Abuse


Louis was facing homelessness after his relationship with his mum broke down. With support from hyh, he has improved communication with his mum and is settling into new accommodation.


Outreach Family Temporary Accomodation Video


When Michael was facing eviction, he was referred to hyh and we worked together with his supported accommodation provider to help him with budgeting and other important independent living skills.


Intensive Outreach Health & Wellbeing Independent Living Video


Molly went into care system at 15 due to family breakdown. Molly suffers from anxiety and depression and was one of a large family in a busy overcrowded home.


Sofa Surfing Health & WellbeingCare Leaver Family Independent living Video


Sarah, 12, and her mum were referred to hyh after their relationship broke down. hyh mediation helped both mum and daughter improve their communication and rebuild their relationship.


Mediation Family Video


When Zoe was 16, she was supported by hyh after she became homeless. Now, years later, Zoe works for hyh and is there to offer support to young people who are going through similar experiences to her own.


Sofa Surfing Family Independent Living


Jordan, 24, was a new dad, battling addiction and staying in a recovery home when he was referred to hyh. Now Jordan is settled into his own place and his future is looking positive.


Outreach Health and Wellbeing Family Independent Living Video Addiction


Lisa, 17, came to hyh for support when her family reacted badly to the news she is gay. Our mediation team helped rebuild the relationship and trust between Lisa and family.


Hubs Sofa Surfing Health & Wellbeing LGBTQ+ Video