What is hyh hub?


A single point of contact to access Homeless Prevention Services in Hertfordshire. This preventative, solution-focused service will provide:


  • An access point for support and advice for 16/17 year olds in housing need
  • A resource for young people, families and carers, and professionals to access homeless prevention services
  • An assessment of needs and guidance on realistic housing options
  • Access to signposting and referrals to support agencies
  • Referral into the Crashpad hostel bed spaces – depending on availability


The hub acts as a ‘front door’ to homeless prevention services in Hertfordshire. The hub prioritises 16 & 17 year olds and works intensively with them as well as their families/carers in order to prevent homelessness.

The hub will assess and prioritise referrals depending on the situation.

Options available for each young person include:-

Early Intervention - Offering practical advice/information about your options and or mediation whilst continuing to live at home

If there is no possibility at the initial stage to remain at home, a referral will be made for a Supported Accommodation Crashpad bed space (subject to availability) as well as intensive support services to continue to work towards a future return home where possible.

The hub works and liaises with a range of statutory and voluntary agencies in order to ensure realistic, achievable prevention plans for the young person and their families. Where there are apparent significant needs beyond those of accommodation and support, they work alongside other agencies to ensure these needs are met.


Family Link Worker


The family link worker role provides intensive support to enable young people to remain in the family home until they are ready to move out in a planned way.

The family link worker meets with the young person and/or family to offer advice and support around practical steps needed to preserve the relationship and enable the young person to grow and thrive. These can include – education and training, family relationships, anger and violence, emotional wellbeing, budgeting and more.

Sessions are planned around the specific needs of the young person so that we can structure the support delivered and ensure there are a variety of ways to access the information and be able to express what is going on for them.


To access the service or find out more please use the contact us information below.


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