Tamsin’s Story


Tamsin, 18, is settling well into her new flat. She is enjoying her fresh start and is excited for the next chapter. “Thank you for supporting me through such a difficult time in my life, the support you’ve shown me has had a massive impact on my future.” 



A difficult start


Tamsin has a major heart defect. She has been in and out of hospital throughout her life. She grew up with a mum who abused her and at 14 she left her mum’s home and moved in with her nan. Tamsin had a few content years living with her nan. But at 18, Tamsin lost her nan after a short battle with cancer.



Constant pressure


Throughout her life, Tamsin has felt under pressure from many directions. From growing up with an abusive mum, struggling with her mental health, experiencing financial difficulties, having a chronic heart condition, and undergoing multiple surgeries. The additional pressure of being pushed into independence before she was ready, especially while grieving, became too much for Tamsin. She told us “After losing my Nan I felt so helpless and overwhelmed with everything”.


The home that had been her safe place for those happy years living with her nan was now an extra burden. Too large and too expensive for Tamsin to maintain alone, she had fallen behind on rent and council tax. Tamsin’s benefits didn’t even come close to covering her costs each month. She had no idea how she was going to pay off her debt and was faced with eviction.



Vital support


We believe that every young person has the right to a safe place to call home. And we knew that there was support out there for Tamsin. She just needed our help to access it.


We decreased Tamsin’s financial worries by negotiating with the council and her landlord to wipe her debts.


The costs and emotional weight of staying in her late Nan’s house were stopping Tamsin from moving on with her life. We worked with the council to find her a smaller, more affordable flat. Another weight off Tamsin’s shoulders.


We set Tamsin up with a grief counsellor, so that she could begin to work through the loss of her nan, and not carry the burden of grief into her future.



A bright and independent future


With our support Tamsin is now feeling much more in control of her life and her future. Its been amazing to watch Tamsin’s confidence grow.  She was able to pick up activities that she had previously relied on her nan for, such as arranging her own hospital appointments for her heart condition. 

“Without hyh’s advice and guidance on how to manage a home, bills, and finances, I don’t know how I would have coped”.


We are so proud of how far Tamsin has come and will be here if she needs our support again.




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