If we don't solve the climate crisis, we will all be homeless


As a charity we focus on the prevention of Youth Homelessness in Hertfordshire, our vision is for every young person to have a safe home from which they can grow and thrive.


Right now, we are facing the single biggest threat to humanity, the climate crisis, which is threatening our collective home for future generations. Whilst we provide our services to help today’s generation of young people in Hertfordshire, we will contribute to safeguarding the living conditions for future generations.


We recognise our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and therefore we aim for good environmental practices as part of our strategy.





What we have already achieved:


  • Improved recycling facilities in our office
  • Created a staff working group, comprised of members across all levels of the organisation, who advocate for environmental issues within the organisation
  • Including our environmental policy in all new staff inductions
  • Launched an Ecologi page to reduce our environmental impact and support climate action
  • Offer a hybrid working pattern for staff which reduces commuting emissions



What we are working towards:


  • Improving our office infrastructure to make it more water and energy efficient
  • Calculating our carbon footprint so that we can find priority areas for emissions reductions
  • Good data practices to evidence reductions in our emissions
  • Optimising staff travel to reduce mileage
  • Evaluating our suppliers based on their environmental credentials





Our Focus






Planting trees is a fantastic nature-based solution to tackling the climate crisis and can play an important part in limiting global temperatures rises to 1.5c. Maintaining forested areas also protects habitat for wildlife and supports people’s livelihoods. We are proud to have partnered with Ecologi as one step of our environmental strategy, helping us to play our part in protecting our planet.


Ecologi fund carbon prevention and reforestation projects both in the UK and internationally. Since 2019, Ecologi has funded the planting of 56.4 million trees across 25 different reforestation projects and they also fund projects that protect existing forests.


Lets get planting


Plant a Tree instead of a Tee


Have you signed up to take part in one of our events, or are hosting your own fundraiser such as a sponsored walk? Then why not choose to plant a tree in our forest instead of receiving a hyh charity t-shirt! We will redirect the funds from supplying a t-shirt towards climate projects with Ecologi.


By choosing a tree instead of a t shirt you can help us reduce our emissions as a charity, whilst we work together towards our primary mission of breaking the cycle of youth homelessness in Hertfordshire.



Add your name in our virtual forest


Have you held a fundraiser for us and would like to celebrate with a tile in our forest?