We were delighted to work over several days with talented students from Elstree Screen Arts Academy to create two short films. The students worked creatively, using a mixture of scripted, and improvised dramatisation. The films are both based on real stories, and outline some of the realities that young people in Hertfordshire are facing.

We hope these films will be a useful resource for partners and anyone interested in these issues, to support young people. Thank you to Pearldrop Video Production for producing these films with us.


The film entitled 'County Lines' follows Joe, as he moves away from living with his mum, and in with his dad. He gets caught up in a gang and his dad gets sent back to prison. After living temporarily with his grandparents, and then with a friend, hyh help Joe by providing him with a Crashpad bedspace, and the support he needs to get back on his feet.

The film 'Sexual Exploitation' follows Abbie as she grapples with her difficult relationship with her mother, and her abusive boyfriend Jez. Abbie calls Herts Young Homeless' advice line and is provided with a Crashpad bedspace, where she stayed for 6 weeks. hyh worked intensively with her to support her wellbeing and rebuild her relationship with her mum.


On Wednesday 13th March, we hosted a Film Screening of these two new short films, in the academy's private cinema room. This was such an important event, showcasing just how vital these films are to show first-hand, exactly how hyh works to support young people facing a variety of different situations.


“Vulnerable young people in Hertfordshire are increasingly being targeted by gangs and sexual predators. We created these videos to highlight the risks they are being exposed to, as well as raise awareness of the types of situations many young people may find themselves in, through no fault of their own. Safeguarding and protecting young people from abuse are some of hyh’s highest priorities and we hope to use these videos across our services to continue to educate, inform and prevent future episodes of criminal exploitation. We are grateful for the funding from Herts PCC (hertscommissioner.org), which enabled us to create these valuable resources.”

Mika Saha, Head of Services