Sesuna's Story


Sesuna was forced to leave her family and country due to increasing military conflict. Upon her arrival to the UK, she received the terrible news of her brother’s death.

Sesuna was not even 18.

Communication was an immediate barrier for Sesuna. English was not her first language which created issues with basic independent living skills.

She lacked the ability to ask for help.

Sesuna had been living in Housing Association accommodation for nearly 8 months when she was referred to hyh. Interpreters sat in the initial meetings to remove the communication barrier. This allowed the identification of Sesuna’s living issues, so she could therefore access the right support.

During the initial meetings with Sesuna, it was quickly established that she needed help. For instance, she had not received heating or hot water during her 8 months in accommodation, her electricity meter had not been set up and she was facing outstanding water debts and issues relating to her council tax. Furthermore, the washing machine had been broken for three months, even though it was still under guarantee and although Sesuna had a TV and TV license, she didn’t have a working aerial, so she could not use it.  

Over the first six months of support, hyh helped Sesuna resolve these living issues and she received grants for basic household essentials and appliances such as a microwave and a mattress. She developed her skills with budgeting and saving and was given grants for future development and learning. To help with her English studies, Sesuna was provided with a laptop and a printer and she was supplied with food parcels when issues arose with her college bursary.

Sesuna is now managing her tenancy well and is just about to start a new college course. She believes she has the skills required to support herself.

The Unaccompanied asylum seeker team continues to support Sesuna and she is aware that she can contact the hyh advice line and be referred into the service again.



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