Semira's Story


Semira had a traumatic childhood. She grew up in a world shaped by the horrors of war and conflict.

Semira never met her father. He died fighting and at the age of seven, Semira saw her mother for the last time as she was taken away by the military. She witnessed the shooting of her older brother and believes her younger brother was killed whilst fleeing the country.


When Semira was referred to hyh, she had recently had a baby and needed support setting up her new home following time in a hostel.

hyh immediately helped her with a Universal Credit application, however there was a five-week wait for the first payment so she received food parcels and nappies to help cover the long wait. 


With help from hyh, Semira received discounts on water, gas and electricity and is exempt from council tax allowing her to cope better financially. Semira has also been offered mental health support due to her traumatic childhood.


Now that there is support behind her, Semira is keen to train as a nurse. She has already completed a Health and Social course and is going to continue with her studies. She is coping very well with motherhood and has a great bond with her baby.


Semira is grateful for the support from hyh with helping her manage her tenancy and both her and her child are now finally settling into their new life together.



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