Sarahs Story

Sarah's Story


Sarah battled with addictions to alcohol and drugs for 27 years which resulted in her losing contact with her children and becoming street homeless in the Watford area. This was Sarah when we first came into contact with her.

Sarah started to use the services at The Haven to get some food and have a wash. It was there that she met hyh’s Dual Diagnosis Link worker, Lydia. Lydia worked closely and consistently with Sarah over a period of time to give her the help and support that she so desperately needed and she understood that things couldn’t be fixed in a few weeks. Lydia helped Sarah to look at what benefits she was entitled to and how she could manage her money better. Lydia enrolled Sarah with a GP, put her in touch with the Women’s Centre where she could receive further support and arranged weekly CBT sessions which continued even during lockdown. Lydia advocated for Sarah with the Community Mental Health Team when they were uncertain what support they could offer because of Sarah’s history of drug misuse. Lydia gave Sarah the consistent longterm support that she needed to manage her recovery, even when she had relapses. Lydia checked in regularly on the phone to see how Sarah was doing, attended hospital appointments with her, meetings with Children’s services and even court.

‘Lydia is one of the most important people in my life. I completely trust Lydia and she always finds the positive in any situation! I could not have started and continued my recovery without her. Lydia was there when no-one else would have been, not even family. Even when I’ve relapsed, Lydia has always continued to believe in me and has taught me never to give up’.

Sarah’s life has turned around over the last two years. She now has her own flat and is back in contact with her children. She is continuing to work hard at her recovery and looking at volunteering opportunities as well as future employment.



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