Sahil Story

Sahil's Story


Sahil was a refugee who came to the UK from a war-torn country. He arrived here on his own after a difficult time crossing Europe and trying to reach a place of safety.

He then spent several years in the care system where he had to learn a new language and way of life whilst navigating his way through many new challenges. Sahil was referred to hyh when he moved into his own accommodation. His support worker was able to explain his tenancy rules to him and set up and understand his utilities by putting a payment plan into place.

They were able to help him register for exemption of council tax as he was a full-time student. Sahil was supported to make sure he had the correct benefits in place and to understand how to update his Universal Credit journal with any changes that took place. He was supported to look at budgeting his money and making sure he always paid his priority bills. Sahil was also helped to reduce his rent arears by making regular payment to the landlord.

His worker was able to apply for an external grant which helped him to secure funding for driving lessons and tools for his apprenticeship that he was doing. These would help him secure a job after he finished his college course. The grant also provided funding for work clothes and several items he needed in his flat.

Today, Sahil is doing well at college and has built a new life for himself here in the UK. He has friends and a part time job and is looking forward to qualifying at college.

Sahil has since got in touch to say -

“The support was great, and it pushed me to move forward with my life. I got lots of great advice and all the support that I needed and more. Things were explained to me in a way that I was able to understand and the support I received was over and above what I expected. I am so grateful for all that I have received via hyh.”



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