Ryan’s Story


Ryan, 21, is a Care Leaver. Since being referred to hyh, he has been on a journey to learn how to take care of himself and is making great progress towards independence. But when we met Ryan he felt lost and unsure how to make changes in his life. 



Leaving Care


Without the support systems many of us take for granted, care leavers are widely recognised to be more vulnerable to homelessness than their peers.


When Ryan was referred to hyh he was living in supported accommodation but with a catalogue of mental health issues, and struggling with isolation, and addiction, he was quickly getting into debt. He struggled to pinpoint exactly what he needed to change to improve his quality of life.



Over budget


Ryan was diagnosed with a low IQ, and he struggled to read and write. He also felt isolated and didn’t know how make use of his time. As a result, his excessive spending on cannabis and non-essentials like subscription services meant he often ran out of necessities like food, toiletries, and clothing.



Adjusted support


Our outreach team are experienced in supporting care leavers transition to independence, and they know how to tailor their support to meet each individual’s needs, including those with learning differences. Our team were able to provide one-to-one support, in a way that suited Ryan’s needs. Our focus was on promoting Ryan’s wellbeing and growing his independence, allowing him to move forward.


Our team used visual tools to help Ryan understand his daily routine and make better use of his time.



Learning self-care


Ryan wasn’t used to taking care of himself or his appearance. Ryan’s hyh worker encouraged him to register with a dentist and a GP. And we arranged a psychiatric assessment for Ryan, to make sure he was getting all the support he deserved to live a full and happy life.


Our outreach team engaged Ryan in budgeting sessions to help him understand his expenses, income, and the consequences of overspending on non-essentials.


Ryan was incredibly grateful for the support received and even sent a thank you card to the team express his gratitude. He now understands how to move forward and improve his quality of life.




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