Russell's Story

Russell's Story


Russell was referred to hyh after his grandmother, who he had lived with since he was a child, sadly passed away.

He was left with massive rent arrears and other debt that he didn’t know how to deal with, or who to approach to help him. Russell also had severe health issues and lived in fear of a family member who he felt threatened by.

He was living in a house that he could not afford to stay in and faced becoming homeless.

Russell was allocated a support worker who was able to help him address his issues. The worker liaised with the local council to help him secure a Discretionary Housing Payment to clear his rent arrears. They also approached the council and managed to get his Council Tax debt cleared. Russell’s support worker also spoke with the landlord regarding the situation and they agreed to clear some of the debt and re-locate Russell to a property better suited for his needs.

In addition to this, Russell was supported to make a Universal Credit claim and start to receive the correct benefits due to him. He was able, with support, to apply to the courts for a non-molestation order against the person threatening him which helped him to feel safe and reduced his depression and anxiety.

After his loss of his Grandmother, hyh were able to support Russell with access to grief counselling which would help him deal with how he was feeling.

Whilst waiting for his benefit to be processed, the team at hyh helped him with food parcels and vouchers for the local supermarket which ensured he had access to food and the essentials that he needed. Russell is now living in a different area in his new accommodation and doing well rebuilding his life.



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