Rosies Story

Rosie's Story


Rosie was living with her 3-year-old son in temporary accommodation when she was referred to hyh. After splitting up with her partner, she needed help with finding a flat and furniture. Now both Rosie and her son are in a great place to continue living healthy, safe lives.

Rosie had previously been living with her partner when their relationship broke down. This created a difficult financial situation for Rosie, who needed support with claiming Housing Benefit, clearing accumulated rent debts and moving out of her temporary accommodation into permanent housing.

hyh got involved and provided support to Rosie with chasing her Housing Benefit and her accumulated rent debts were cleared promptly.

The next step for Rosie was to find more permanent accommodation for her and her son. She started bidding for properties and, after the Support Team liaised with the council, Rosie was offered a two-bed flat. Rosie was happy with the flat but she did not have any furniture. Hyh stepped in to help her complete a Community Care Grant form and Rosie was set up with utility accounts and a TV licence at the property, which helped make the flat feel more like a home for Rosie and her son.

With everything in place, Rosie is confident for her future and felt ready to end her support. Rosie said she is grateful to the hyh Floating Support Service for their help and said she wouldn’t have felt confident enough to tackle the problems she faced by herself. Rosie feels settled in her home, she can now cook proper meals and her son has a regular routine with space to play.



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