Priya's Story

Priya's Story


Priya’s learning disability was a factor that stopped her accessing council accommodation when she left care.  

She was referred to hyh as a 22-year-old care-leaver who was pregnant and needed support with housing options. Priya was living at her mother and step father’s home but had been asked to leave.  

It was clear that Priya needed additional support to manage living independently.  

hyh set up discussions with the local council’s housing department and she was supported to make a homeless application and join the housing register. When Priya disclosed she was pregnant, a referral to the Children’s Services placed her unborn baby on a child protection register.  

During further meetings with the council, hyh helped Priya liaise with a care leaver team and she was allocated interim accommodation while her homeless application was assessed.  

The next step was to help Priya apply for the correct benefits and her weekly benefit award was increased. She also received advice in opening an additional savings account to reduce the risk of financial exploitation.   

Currently, Priya is managing her accommodation well with regular help from hyh and she is expecting her baby soon. She is working hard with us to achieve her goal of living independently.   



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