Poppy’s Story


A regular mother-daughter relationship often tips between friendliness and disagreements, and Poppy and her mum’s relationship had been no different. But eventually, the arguments in their relationship tipped these scales and became constant. The relationship was breaking down, and beginning to affect other family members in the home. When 17-year-old Poppy decided to leave and move in with her boyfriend, her mum contacted the hyh hub for advice.



Family Link Worker


Poppy was referred to our Family Link Worker, who she met with on several occasions. Poppy is a relatively shy person, so was uncomfortable having conversations with her mum about certain things. Together with our Family Link Worker, Poppy managed build her confidence and self-esteem, divulging more about how she felt each time they met. Poppy explained that in the past, her mum had got on well with her boyfriend and was more than happy for him to come to their home. To Poppy’s surprise, her mother had recently had a change of opinion and did not permit him anymore, despite Poppy believing he had done nothing wrong. Poppy and our Family Link Worker discussed what outcomes she was looking for, and how they were going to try and achieve this.


Mum joined the meeting


When mum joined at the next meeting, she expressed her confusion at how the situation had gotten to this stage. When Poppy explained her concerns about her mum not liking her boyfriend, her mum corrected that she did in fact like him. She just felt that he was becoming too familiar in the home, and helping himself to things without asking. Poppy was still upset, because she thought her mum had said that her boyfriend was able to do this.


Moving forward


On hearing this, our Family Link Worker suggested that there had been some miscommunication, which could be resolved by setting some boundaries. Mum missed Poppy and wanted her to return home, and was happy for her boyfriend to be around too. Both agreed that they would all discuss together what they felt was acceptable and how to move forward, and would voice their concerns in the future. 

Two months on, Poppy, her boyfriend, and mum had rekindled their relationship and had even planned a family holiday. Through clear communication and transparency, as suggested by our Family Link Worker, they were able to move forward and enjoy the mother-daughter relationship they had once had. 




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