Rough Sleeper Intervention Team - Watford


Who is the service for?


  • This is a collaborative partnership working with New Hope, Change Grow Live and Citizen’s Advice Bureau to reduce the number of rough sleepers in Watford. The service is made up of two teams, the  Street Outreach Service (SOS) and the Intervention Team
  • The service is available to rough Sleepers in the Watford area, regardless of age.

What support is provided?


  • The SOS’s Team are their to engage with entrenched rough sleepers on a daily basis, connecting with them to locate where they are and establishing their needs. The main is to develop and maintain non-judgemental, honest and trusting relationships with them, and facilitate their accessing other support services.
  • The Intervention Team offer a twelve week programme of support to those struggling with issues of addiction, mental health or needing legal advice. After the initial twelve weeks they may continue support or refer service users on to other support services.


April 2019 - March 2020
97 individuals were supported by the team




A day in the life of Michele, Street Outreach worker