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Floating Support


What is the service?

Floating Support is offered after an assessment and initial support has been completed by the Advice & Information service.

Floating Support workers help young people to understand what it means to live independently and support them achieving this. Normally the service will begin when a young person is in temporary or emergency accommodation, although there are times when support workers will help young people who are still living at home, with friends or with extended family.

Floating Support workers help in many areas of a young person’s life, not just their housing. They help with budgeting, education and training, debt advice, health issues and other areas as needed. Each young person is an individual and will have their own plan of action agreed with their worker.  When specialist support is required, the worker will link the young person into the relevant agencies locally.  

A Floating Support worker will meet on a regular basis with a young person, usually at least once a week. The amount of support will gradually reduce until the young person is able to live independently.


Who is the service for?

18 – 24 year olds


What areas are covered?

In North Herts, Stevenage, St Albans and Dacorum, Floating Support is provided by Aldwyck Housing Group on behalf of hyh. hyh cover the rest of Hertfordshire.


Length of service

Floating Support is available to a person for up to 6 months, regardless of what type of accommodation they live in.


Contact us

Please contact us on: 03333 202 384

How to access the service

If you are:

  • A young person please call: 08000 355 775


  • An agency and would like to make a referral, please download our two forms – the referral form and monitoring form and once completed please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Unsure as to whether the service is suitable, please call: 03333 202 384 for a chat.

Floating Support

£10 - tops up a phone card for Stephen to keep in touch with a support worker