Dual Diagnosis


This service supports young people and families whose accommodation is at risk due to mental health and or substance misuse needs. The team work alongside Broxbourne Borough Council and Hertsmere Borough Council to identify referrals with the aim of ensuring early intervention so that an accommodation crisis can be prevented. By identifying the needs of the young person and family members the team will support them to engage in local community services to assist them with focused,  sustainable support and solutions.


Meet Our Dual Diagnosis Outreach Worker



What do you do?


My role is a dual diagnosis outreach worker. I support individuals and families in Broxbourne and Hertsmere who are at risk of homelessness and either suffer from mental health issues or substance misuse!


What appealed to you most about joining hyh?


What HYH stand for and their want to support disadvantaged people is what appealed me the most. Having studied Criminology and Social Policy at university, I have always pursued a career where I can support vulnerable people and help better their circumstance, which is exactly what this role offers.


What is the most challenging part of what you do?


The current challenge I am facing is having to work remotely due to COVID-19. I’m looking forward to getting into the office and meeting all my colleagues in person for the first time, as well as visiting service users and getting to know more about them in person!


What is the most rewarding thing?


The most rewarding part of the role is knowing that I am supporting a service user, helping them access the help and services they need, and leading them to more positive outcomes.


What would you hope to achieve whilst working at hyh?


My hope is that I have a positive effect on service users and know that I did everything I could to support them. I also hope to learn the ins and outs of the service and further my understanding and knowledge of mental health and substance misuse.