My family are not getting along – can we get help?

I need support to make things better at home
Our  Mediation Service can help families that are in conflict are experiencing relationship difficulties. While mediation does not give you the answers, it can help in supporting your family to find its own solutions. For more information, call the Mediation team on 03333 202 384.



I'm struggling to manage my bills and might lose my home

Managing your own home can be really difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you feel that you need help contact our Advice & Information team on 08000 355 775 and an experienced worker will assess your situation and may refer you to an appropriate colleague for longer term support if appropriate.


I am thinking of asking my child to leave home
Call our Advice & Information team on 08000 355 775 and one of our trained workers will discuss your situation and offer advice.



I am struggling with my mental health and have problems with drugs or alcohol. No one seems able to help me.

If you are aged 16+ our Health team might be able to help. Call them on 03333 202 384

Life Stories


Life Stories