Sami’s Story


Sami, 22, is a polite and lovely young man who loves spending time with his mates. He was referred to hyh by his Personal Adviser from the ‘Separated Migrant Children Care Leavers Team.



Sami is from Sudan, but fled due to safety concerns and the significant bereavement of family members due to the political climate there- an extremely tough journey for anyone to experience, yet alone someone so young. Sami matured significantly throughout his journey with hyh, and is working hard at college, aiming to improve his English.

From the outset, Sami was clearly intelligent and dedicated. His Support Worker at hyh, Judith, described him as very ‘hit and miss’ with communicating at first. Understandably, his negative experience of moving meant he took some time to fully engage. Over time, Sami became genuinely engaged and understood how important Judith was to helping him improve his life.

At the point of referral, Sami had previously accrued rent arrears and was subsequently evicted. Luckily, prior to referring the case to hyh, his Personal Advisor had found him a private rental and hyh met with him just before he was due to move. As there often is with a move, there were unfortunately several complications, and the landlord was even threatening to evict him if it was not resolved.

Judith supported Sami in keeping his accommodation and resolving the rent issues, by working with the landlord who was passionate about ensuring he worked with hyh and Herts County Council. hyh also looked at the technicality of the tenancy agreement to check the legal rights of Sami so he understood his legal position.

Eventually, the issues were resolved, and hyh worked with Sami to apply for grants to help purchase some necessities for his house. Judith also supported Sami with his budgeting; a skill that too many young people are expected to already have, despite often lacking any clear guidance.

Judith found the progress he had made extraordinary, and really didn’t want to close Sami’s case! We only worked with Sami for a short period of time, however he is aware that our door is always open, and he can contact our Advice line for help in the future if needed. Sami is in a much more stable position now to succeed in his life, and we are looking forward to seeing all he achieves.



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