Mia Story

Mia's Story


Mia was referred to hyh by Hertsmere Council while awaiting a decision regarding her homeless application, after returning to the UK from Oman.

Her experiences in Oman had been traumatic and her mental health had suffered. She dealt with severe anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, yet she was receiving no support.

After being connected with hyh, Paige, a Dual Diagnosis Outreach Worker was able to help her contact a GP and the Hertfordshire Mental HealthTeam. Mia is now in a better place and taking medication to help with her mental health.

Paige also provided lots of essential day-to-day support including helping Mia with her housing application, opening a new bank account, finding a dentist, and providing vouchers and donations. She is also being supported by Beyond the Streets, who are referring her to supported housing, as well as offering one-on-one counselling, and support with finding a job.

Three months on, Mia is much healthier and happier, with a more positive outlook on her future.



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