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Meet Our Staff

Meet Vicki Walsh


Advice & Information Worker


Vicki Walsh

What attracted you to hyh?


Having previously worked with homeless young people, hyh was a partner agency I had worked with before. Their mission and values stood out to me, the staff teams all seemed friendly and well supported and ultimately I could continue to work and support young people!

Tell us a bit about the recruitment process?


The recruitment process was a little different than I expected, but was a great experience. It worked in two parts, the first was a recruitment day, on this day we got to meet other candidates and were able to do group and individual tasks. I was nervous about this at first, but it really helped me relax and give a much better interview then I probably would have. This recruitment process is probably why hyh have such a strong staff team.


What have your first 3 months at the charity been like?


My first 3 months have been great, the staff are all hugely supportive and highly knowledgeable. I’ve had opportunities to get further training and build more multi agency partnerships. Management have fully supported me and I now have my own case load!




Meet Becca Frogett


Floating Support Manager


Becca Froggett

Career at hyh:


I have been with hyh for nearly nineteen years. I started as a volunteer, with the aim of gaining as much experience as possible to complete a social work degree in the future. However, once I started I fell in love with the organisation and I didn’t want to leave, and I have been here ever since.


Why you have stayed:


There are so many reasons I haven’t left hyh, and obviously my passion for the vulnerable people we support and the difference we make in people’s lives plays a huge part. I strongly believe in the values of the organisation. Supporting the staff is at the heart of everything hyh do and it is lovely to work for an organisation who genuinely care about their teams. Working alongside my team mates is essential - I learn from each of them every day and feel very lucky to work with such an amazing bunch of people.


How does the funding for posts work at hyh?:


Throughout my time at hyh, funding for my post has come from a range of different sources, some of which required yearly renewal. Initially job security was a worry for me, however after seeing how the organisation manages this, it isn’t something that concerns me now, as they are always prepared and looking ahead and having internal development opportunities has also made a difference with this.