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Matthew's Story


Matthew was referred into our mediation service following an incident where, during an argument, he had become aggressive towards his Mum.

A mediator held an individual session with both Matthew and his Mum in order to discuss the incident, as well as their relationship more broadly. In this session, Matthew was able to open up about how he was feeling about his Mum’s new partner, feeling like he had no independence and how he was frustrated with the lockdown restrictions.

Matthew and his Mum worked with a mediator over the course of six sessions held virtually over Zoom. In these sessions, they discussed how they communicate, how they can manage their emotions in a better way during conflict, as well as speaking about Mum’s new partner and the changes this has brought into the dynamics of the family.

Matthew and his Mum are now more comfortable in having difficult conversations with each other, as well as communicating more openly with each other about things generally. This has helped them to stop arguing and resolve things in a calmer way than they were. Having spoken with his Mum about her new partner and having both of them share their feelings, they have both got a better understanding of the other person’s perspective. This has helped Matthew to feel heard and understood, which has encouraged him to get to know Mum’s partner and spend more time with him.



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