Maliks Story

Malik's Story


Malik’s family were victims of political unrest.  

When they were killed, Malik and his brother escaped their home country and after an application of asylum, they were allowed to remain in the UK.

Malik was eventually referred to the hyh Floating Support Service after he was offered temporary accommodation by the local authority. Naturally, many of the scars remained and Malik was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and regularly sought the help of a Psychiatrist.

After an initial assessment, it became clear that Malik had a strong work ethic. He was determined to find opportunities instead of sitting back and waiting.

Malik knew his English would have to improve to successfully find a job, so hyh supported him in enrolling in an English course. Following the completion of the course, his confidence in speaking and spelling English improved greatly.

After successfully beating several other candidates to a job at a local warehouse, Malik held this role for eight months before he considered re-training as a Carpenter. This would guarantee him a profession, something he craved since his arrival in the UK.  

hyh supported Malik in finding and enrolling on a part-time Carpentry and Joinery Course. This allowed him to attend College for three days a week and also work nights at the warehouse. This took a toll on him. He was constantly tired but he maintained that if he persevered, he would eventually work in his chosen profession, pay his bills and be independent.

Malik is now a qualified carpenter and has started to seek new employment whilst he works at the warehouse. Since receiving support from hyh, he has maintained a steady job and Malik is proud to be managing all his regular bills. He has also just paid for his first holiday since he was twelve. Malik says he is grateful for the support and encouragement from hyh to allow him to work towards his own ambitions. 



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