Makyla’s Story


“You did absolutely everything with me! And I’m still very grateful for all your help.” 

Every person deserves a safe place to call home. With our help, Makyla is learning this applies to her too.  



Damp, mouldy, unlivable


We all deserve a safe place to call home. But the shortage of affordable, good quality homes in our area meant Makyla couldn’t afford to rent somewhere that protected her health or wellbeing. 

Makyla’s studio flat was cramped and damp. Her landlord had failed to keep up with basic repairs. And the walls were covered in mould that was spreading through the flat and onto her furniture and belongings.  

Makyla was unemployed and money was tight. She had difficulties keeping on top of her bills and had debts steadily stacking up.

The constant pressure of debt and money worries, worsening mental health and a damp home was all too much for Makyla. She often retreated to her bed to avoid it all. 



We all deserve a safe home


At this point, Makyla was referred to hyh and one our outreach workers stepped in to help. It was plain to see that Makyla’s landlord hadn’t been maintaining upkeep at the flat. We arranged for someone to inspect Makyla’s flat so that work could be done to make it a home someone could live in comfortably.


Everything that Makyla had been dealing with had affected her mental health. She was feeling down most of the time and struggling to imagine how her life could improve. We connected Makyla with her local NHS mental health team so she could access the support she deserved. The mental health team has helped Makyla learn coping strategies to make life feel more manageable.  



Much needed benefits


Makyla had found it stressful and overwhelming to understand which benefits she was entitled to. At hyh, we have over 25 years of experience with these processes. We helped her apply for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP), designed for people that live with an illness, disability, or mental health condition.

With mental health and financial support in place, the constant flow of stresses Makyla was dealing with has been eased. With a clearer mind and a more comfortable home, Makyla can begin to rebuild her life. 

“You did absolutely everything with me! And I’m still very grateful for all your help.” 

We are so pleased to see Makyla being able to build the life she deserves.




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