Maddie’s Story


Maddie, 21, has always been a caring person, willing to put other people’s needs before her own. As a young adult, she took on a supportive role for her mum, who has ongoing issues with mental health and drug misuse. But with a newborn daughter to care for, Maddie was forced to rethink her priorities.



A troubled start


Maddie describes her upbringing as challenging. Her dad was never present in her life despite living nearby. When she tried reaching out to him as a teenager, he rejected her. 

Her mum’s battle with mental health and substance misuse meant Maddie’s early years were coloured by instability and uncertainty. And her mum couldn’t play the supportive role that all children deserve from their parents. 

When Maddie was 19, her mum unexpectedly relocated to another area, and with no one else to turn to, Maddie spent the next 2 years sofa surfing or sleeping in her car.

At 21, Maddie’s mum reappeared in her life and Maddie took on a new tenancy with her, as her mum couldn’t afford somewhere by herself. 



Tied to a dangerous environment


When Maddie was referred to our Outreach team, she was living with her mum and her one month old daughter. 
Maddie told us that whilst she was pregnant, she suspected her mum had been using drugs. And she had warned her mum that she couldn’t smoke around her baby once she was born.


However, once her daughter was born, Maddie felt her mum’s erratic behaviour was making their home unsafe. 
Maddie and her mum were locked into a joint tenancy. Although Maddie was in a relationship with her baby’s dad, they both lived with their mum’s and felt committed to stay to provide financial support.



Putting her daughter first


The stress of it all became too much and Maddie realised that she could no longer juggle caring for her mum whilst protecting her daughter. For her baby’s sake, she knew she had to leave. 

We supported Maddie through ending her tenancy agreement, so that she was no longer tied to the flat with her mum. We issued the agent with a notice to quit the tenancy which also terminated the tenancy for her mother.

The decision was difficult for Maddie as she did not want to see her mother lose her home but she felt she had to protect her baby.
Somewhere to build a future 

Maddie wanted to live with her partner, so that they could be together, with their little girl, as a family. But his family made it clear Maddie and her daughter weren’t welcome to stay with them. They didn’t want a baby in the house. 

With our support, Maddie and her baby were given a room in supported accommodation. We helped get her settled. 

Maddie’s key worker said “Maddie is a very capable young lady and an excellent mother … Since securing her own property she is making great improvements in managing her mental health. This just shows how safe affordable housing can bring stability and security and can enhance social and community inclusion.” 

We are excited to see what the future holds for this dedicated young mum and her family.




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