Lottie's Story

Lottie's Story


Lottie was referred to hyh as a vulnerable young mother who had experienced poor parenting as a child.  

She was a care leaver who suffered from low moods and didn’t always make the best choices about who she spent time with. Lottie’s son was placed under Child Protection because of her reckless behaviour and her family’s substance and alcohol misuse and history of violence.    

The Children’s Services supported Lottie’s move into a rented flat but her accommodation was in a poor condition. Severe damp on the walls and ceiling in the bedroom rendered the room unusable due to her child’s asthma. Hyh helped Lottie to contact the estate agents and Environmental Health because the landlord was not addressing the situation. The flat was stripped back which removed the damp and a leak was fixed in her bathroom.   

Over the next six months our Floating Support service continued to help Lottie reach her goal of living independently. Utility payment plans were set up and she managed to reduce half of her debts.   

Since then, Lottie has become more confident in addressing issues that arise in her day to day life. She is also proving herself as a good mum and is clearly acting on the advice she was given. Her son is regularly attending a playgroup and she proudly describes him as a ‘bubbly little boy who gets on well with his peers’. Lottie is motivated to continue improving her life but she knows that further support from hyh is available if she needs it. 



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