Lois' Story

Lois' Story


Lois was referred into the HYH hub by her social worker. Lois had been sofa surfing between her boyfriend and her older brother for the last couple of months after the death of her father. Her mother had sadly died five years earlier. Unfortunately for Lois there were no other family members that she could stay with. Her grandad was already looking after Lois’s younger sister and as he was elderly felt he couldn’t look after Lois as well. Lois’s brother was living with his girlfriend and their 18-month-old daughter in a small flat so it wasn’t viable for Lois to stay there long term as she would have no bed of her own, just the sofa.

hyh’s Advice & Information worker was able to access Crashpad emergency accommodation for Lois where she stayed for the full six weeks. hyh’s worker provided Lois with a food voucher for when she first moved in, helped get her Universal Credit claim started and checked in on her regularly throughout her time in Crashpad.

A joint housing support meeting was held with all the professionals who were supporting Lois. Going into care was explored and would have been offered to Lois but it was felt that she already had incredibly good independent living skills after being a young carer all her life, for her dad, who was an alcoholic. So it was agree that a referral would be put into a local hostel as Lois would benefit from going supported accommodation as opposed to a care placement. She would still be close to her siblings and to college, where she was studying Health and Social Care.

Lois was interviewed for the hostel and placed on the waiting list. After the fifth week in her Crashpad placement a space became available, however, there were some works that needed to be completed on the room before Lois could move in. The hyh worker liaised with the commissioners and it was agreed that a two week extension could be provided so Lois could remain in Crashpad whilst awaiting her longer term accommodation. Thanks to assistance from hyh, Lois is currently settled and doing well in her new hostel.



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