Lisas Story


Lisa's Story


Lisa describes her background as troubled and disadvantaged. As she grew up, her family life was shaped by alcohol and drug abuse. 

She felt trapped and manipulated, with little confidence in herself, as she struggled to cope with her turbulent surroundings.

Lisa was referred to hyh as a vulnerable young person who needed help to retain her property. She had accumulated a lot of debts and was potentially going to become homeless. hyh worked with Lisa to improve her budgeting and financial skills and supported her with her confidence and emotional difficulties.

Since engaging with hyh, Lisa has made huge improvements to her life. With the encouragement of her Floating Support worker, she has successfully repaid many of her accumulated debts, including rent arrears, and is now independently managing her finances.

Having the help available allows Lisa to focus on her own ambitions. She is aiming to go back to work and move house now that she can successfully manage her finances and emotional wellbeing. After an incredibly troubled upbringing, Lisa finally feels she has stability in her life and is beginning to look to the future.



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