Leon Story

Leon's Story


Before being referred to us, Leon was homeless and living on the streets. He had steadily run up rent arrears and was evicted from the hostel he was living in. Sometimes he stayed with friends, and other nights he would be on the streets, even in the cold winter months.

Leon experienced a turbulent adolescence and left home as a teenager to live in a hostel. Conflict with his stepfather and a breakdown in the relationship with his mum had made living at home impossible.

Our floating support worker, Carla met Leon in a warm café and helped him complete an initial assessment. Leon really needed support finding accommodation, rent arrears and claiming the correct benefits. It was clear that he also needed help with a cannabis dependency, and learning difficulties.

Carla straight away contacted the council to make a homeless application and Leon was put in temporary accommodation but unfortunately, before long, he was evicted for bringing in guests and partying.

But we didn’t give up. Carla contacted the hostel Leon had previously lived in and worked through a payment plan. We also offered to support Leon alongside the hostel workers.

As a result, Leon was able to keep to his tenancy agreement and keep up to date with his payment plan. He was also successful in his application for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP), designed to help people with disabilities or long-term illness.

We also referred Leon to the charity Change, Grow, Live for support with his cannabis use, and he was able to work with the hostel’s in-house counsellor to work through his anger issues.

With this incredible support, Leon steadily progressed. Over the next 18 months he managed to keep to his tenancy and – because Leon had shown how much he’d grown – it was time for him to move out of the hostel. He was awarded a flat by the council and we were there to support him into his new accommodation.

Without savings though, Leon was unable to furnish his new home, but we were able to apply for a grant to get all his kitchen white goods. We also contacted a local charity who provided Leon with household essentials like a bed, sofa, table, and a wardrobe, to provide him with a safe, secure, and comfortable home. We arranged for his rent to be paid direct to the landlord and helped him manage his household bills going forward.

Over the course of three years, Leon has been able to go from the streets to a hostel and finally into his own accommodation. It has been a huge privilege to work with Leon and watch him develop.



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