Khalis Story

Khali's Story


Khalil is an asylum seeker who came to the UK as a child. He had no one to support him and running his own home was a completely new experience.

Khalil was referred to Herts Young Homeless as he had bid on a flat with the council and was starting his first tenancy. He needed help understanding his responsibilities, furnishing his new home and setting up the bills and accounts.

One of our brilliant support workers, Jo, met with Khalil when he had just moved into his flat. Straight away Khalil needed help updating his Universal Credit claim for the housing costs, as he was in college. Jo also applied for council tax support, so Khalil did not run up any debt. Khalil also had assistance looking online for the best deals on gas and electricity as well as setting up an account for his water.

Once all the bills were in place and Khalil was aware who he needed to pay and when, the next focus was his furniture. Khalil already had some furniture but still needed a lot more to complete his flat, which would cost more than he could afford. As Khalil was in college, he met the criteria for a grant via Buttle Trust, a UK Charity which provides financial support to young people in need.

Buttle Trust supported Khalil to buy much-needed furniture for his flat as well as a laptop and a year’s internet which helped Khalil with his studies. Our support worker also helped Khalil apply for a year’s gym membership so that he could keep fit and healthy.

6 months on, Khalil is on top of all his bills and doing well with his studies. Khalil understands his tenancy and exactly what is required of him to keep his flat going.

Khalil has found working with hyh to be a positive experience, and recently got in touch to say:

It was a pleasure to work with Jo and Paige. They helped me by providing very strong support with all my bills, grants and all I needed for my flat.

We wish him all the best!



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