Joshua's Story

Joshua was often seen as a ‘naughty’ child, due to his undiagnosed learning and behavioural difficulties.

Joshua’s learning difficulties and a degenerative physical disability created a difficult period of life for him, particularly during his school years. He started using drugs and making the wrong choices which resulted in a five-year prison sentence.

After his release, Joshua knew that he could not return to his destructive way of living.

During his move from London, he endured a period of rough sleeping, sofa surfing and staying in hostels. At this stage of life, he was also the father of four children with whom he had little contact.

Joshua was referred to hyh after leaving shared accommodation. He was supported with claiming the correct benefits, opening his first bank account and applying for a disability bus pass. He was also provided with the right advice and support with his new tenancy.

Joshua has been in his own flat for 6 months now and is managing his tenancy extremely well. He no longer uses any harmful drugs. Although he regrets the lack of time he spent with his children when they were young, he has begun to develop a good relationship with them and his older children now spend weekends with him.

After years of uncertainty, Joshua can finally look towards the future in a more positive way, knowing that he has the right support behind him.



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