Jermaine’s Story


Jermaine, 17, comes from a close knit family. Jermaine remembers his dad as a warm and stable presence for him and his siblings growing up. As the eldest brother, Jermaine strives to be a role model for his little brother and sister. Yet, Jermaine’s family have also had to contend with gang exploitation and run ins with the criminal justice system. 



Trying to break the cycle


Jermaine’s dad had a previous criminal conviction. And Jermaine himself was groomed into a county lines gang at a young age.
To protect his son, Jermaine’s dad took on Jermaine’s debt to the gang. He wanted to redirect Jermaine away from criminal involvement and wanted to set his son on a brighter path.


Jermaine’s dad’s involvement in the gang combined with his prior conviction culminated with his being arrested and going to prison. And Jermaine and his siblings were left without their parent or their home.



Nowhere else to turn


Jermaine’s world had been turned upside down. He didn’t have anywhere permanent to stay, instead relying on friends and family offering him somewhere to spend the night. 

Eventually, he hit a point where he had nowhere else to turn.

Jermaine’s stress levels were reaching an overwhelming level. He had a lot of anger directed inwards as he blamed himself for everything that had happened to his dad.


Getting back on track


This is when Jermaine was referred to hyh and we helped him access Crashpad – emergency accommodation for people with nowhere else to stay. 
For Jermaine, this was a turning point: “hyh have been supportive in helping me move forward and make sure that I’m changing, and I can be a better person”. 

Despite his young age and having so much life ahead of him, when we met Jermaine he had difficulty imagining a future for himself. After engaging with us, Jermaine said “hyh have shown me that life is still out there for me”.

Now, Jermaine is focused on reconnecting with his family and rebuilding some stability into his life. 

“I want to be someone who can be looked at as a good person who’s doing well for himself. A goal I have for myself is just to be the right person and choose right over wrong, speak about my emotions, and overcome my embarrassment and shyness when talking about my emotions and mental health”

We feel confident that Jermaine has a bright future ahead of him and we’re always here if he needs any further support.




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