Jade’s Story


Jade was supported by hyh to move on from an abusive relationship. She is now living in her own flat and cherishing her newfound safety and independence. Jade dreams of following in her mum’s footsteps and becoming a midwife.



Bravely opening up


Jade, like many others facing domestic abuse, found it difficult to open up about what she was going through. Her mum suspected that something was not right and reached out to us, deeply afraid for her daughter’s safety. 

Despite Jade’s initial wariness, after just a couple meetings she trusted our Outreach worker enough to confide in her. Jade confirmed what her mum had suspected. Her partner was abusive. And she needed help to leave.



Escape to safety


Jade’s key worker supported her with finding and moving into a refuge. Here she had a safe place to stay and access to mental health support so she could begin to heal from the trauma she had endured. 

With our support, Jade made an application to the local council, first for temporary accommodation and then for her own flat.  
During these challenging times, Jade had struggled with her finances and accumulated some debt. To help ease this, we supported Jade with food vouchers and food parcels. 

Inspired by the positive changes in her life, Jade used her food vouchers to make healthy food choices. Jade had felt the benefits of the improvements in her mental health and wanted the same for her physical health.



In control of her future


Jade has recently moved into her own flat. We showed Jade how to plan her budget and set up her utilities, so Jade can feel confident in her ability to maintain her own tenancy. 

For the first time in years, Jade feels safe and in control of her future. She is hoping to follow in her mum’s footsteps and train to be a midwife. .




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