Jades Story

Jade's Story


Jade was referred to Herts Young Homeless by her mother who was very concerned that her daughter was in an abusive relationship and was desperate for her to get help.

Jade was allocated a Floating Support worker who quickly built a rapport with her and after a couple of visits, Jade trusted her worker enough to admit that she was in an abusive relationship and she wanted to escape. She was supported to get into a refuge where she was offered mental health support for the trauma that she had suffered.


Within a few months of being at the refuge we supported Jade to approach her local council and they agreed to place her into temporary accommodation. Due to Jade struggling with her finances during this challenging time she accumulated some debt. We provided her with food parcels and food vouchers in order to help her out. She was keen to make positive changes to her physical health as well as her mental health. We acknowledged her drive and supported her to buy a healthy balanced diet.


We then put a strong case forward to the council who then accepted a duty to house her. With our support the council moved Jade into her first place, a lovely new build flat. We then focused on equipping her with the life skills she needed to maintain her own tenancy. With money that had been donated to HYH we were able to buy a new cooker for her and provide a starter pack which was full of kitchen essentials.


Her key worker assisted Jade in setting up her utilities and completing a visual budgeting board for her. This was a visual aid to help her keep track of all her outgoings so she did not land in further dept. Jade now feels settled for the first time in many years and feels safe and in control of her future. She is hoping to train to be a midwife like her mum.



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