Jack and Chloe Story

Jack & Chloe's Story


Siblings Jack and Chloe got in touch with Herts Young Homeless earlier this year, to seek support with a family conflict.

Aged 12 and 14, both were living away from the family home when they got in touch. At the time, they felt they could no longer trust their mum’s partner, and when they discussed the issue, it would escalate with no resolution.

That’s where we came in. Our mediators are trained to help families talk about big issues. They are skilled in managing difficult discussions, high emotions and conflict in a way that feels fair to everyone involved.

During initial consultations, both young people felt they would like to build more trust, to be able to talk about difficult subjects with their mum. Ultimately, she wanted them home but Jack was particularly adamant that he wanted nothing to do with her partner.

Over the course of five co-mediated family meetings, they covered topics including trust, needs, understanding and listening.

In time everyone began making more effort to communicate with each other and eventually this evolved into spending more time together at home. Each said they felt more comfortable reaching out and checking in and feel they can now have conversations with different viewpoints without escalation.



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