Jack and Chloe

Jack and Chloe's Story


Siblings Jack, 12, and Chloe, 14, got in touch with hyh for help resolving a family conflict that was straining their relationships. With support from our mediation team, these young siblings and their family are making great steps toward repairing their family bonds



Seeking help


When Jack and Chloe reached out to us, they were both living away from the family home. Things at home had become strained as both siblings felt they couldn’t trust their mum’s partner. Whenever they tried to discuss the issue with their mum, it led to arguments. Without being able to discuss about the things they were struggling with, Jack and Chloe couldn’t see how this issue could be resolved.





This is where we came in. Our mediators are trained to help families talk about big issues. For families like Jack and Chloe’s, high emotions can make it difficult to talk through difficult topics to reach a resolution. Our mediators are skilled in guiding families through these difficult conversations to resolve conflicts in a way that feels fair to everyone involved.



Rebuilding trust


When our mediators met Jack and Chloe, they both made it clear how important it was for them to rebuild trust with their mum. 

Their mum also wanted the conflict to be resolved. She was finding it hard to be separated from her children and wanted them both to come home. 
But it was still not always easy for the family to see eye to eye. Jack in particular was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with his mum’s partner.



Improving communications


Our mediators supported the family through five family meetings, covering topics including trust needs, understanding and listening. These sessions helped the family build the communication skills they needed to start healing past hurts.


With time, the whole family was better able to communicate with each other and were soon able to spend more quality time together at home. 

Jack and Chloe shared that they now feel more comfortable reaching out and checking in with each other and their mum. They now feel they can have conversations with different view points without escalation. .




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