Isaac’s Story


Like many young people taking their first steps into independent living, Issac was equal parts nervous and excited to move out. His experiences as a refugee, travelling alone, meant he needed some extra support to feel confident taking this crucial step. Now a full-time student, with a part-time job, Issac is well on his way to independence. 


“I just want to thank you for all your help and support that I have had from you. It’s been amazing. Don’t worry about me now, I will be fine!”




The right to a safe home 


At hyh we believe we all has a right to a safe home, from which we can grow and thrive. 

When Issac was 15, his family were pushed to leave their home in Eritrea due to growing violence and military pressure. His family feared for their safety if they stayed.  Issac had begun his journey with his dad and sister, but along they way they were separated. Isaac spent over a year travelling through Europe alone.


By the time Issac arrived in the UK he was traumatised and scared, feeling very alone. He recalls a difficult journey but also that there were some kind people along the way who gave him food and clothes.


Issac found it difficult to be a in a new country, with a language he didn’t speak. But he wanted to build a life for himself here, so he worked hard to learn English. 



Moving on 


Issac was referred to hyh after leaving care and moving into his first independent home. For many young people, making the step into independent living can be as daunting as it is exciting. The same was true for Issac.  He was delighted to have his own flat but overwhelmed at the responsibility that came with it. 

hyh were able to help him make this transition. One of our support workers supported Issac in registering for Universal Credit and guided him through setting up his bills and a budget. 

All of these were valuable life skills he needed to live independently, especially as he had no family to support him in these areas.


Relearning trust


Along his journey, Issac has learnt to trust people again and to look forward to his future. Issac is now confident that he has the skills he needs to be in charge of his own home. 

Issac knows where to ask for additional support if he ever needs it. Issac is proud of his journey and all that he has been able to accomplish. 





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