Isaac Story

Issac's Story


Issac came to the UK as a 15-year-old refugee from Eritrea. He left his homeland due to the growing violence and military pressure. His family feared for their safety if they stayed. He started his journey with his father and sister, but they were separated along the way and he then spent over a year travelling through Europe on his own. He recalls how it was a difficult journey but that there were some kind people along the way that provided food and clothes to help him. He eventually found himself in the Calais Jungle and waited for an opportunity to get across the Channel to the UK.

By the time he landed on UK soil he was traumatised and scared, feeling very alone. He was soon placed into care and started to feel safe once again. It was difficult living in a strange country with a language that he didn’t speak but he wanted to build a new life for himself here, so worked hard to learn English and to fit in.

Issac was referred to hyh when he left care and was allocated his own accommodation. He was a full-time student and was also holding down a part-time job to help support himself. He had no idea what he had to do to manage a tenancy or what he would need to pay, and to whom. He was excited at the idea of having his own flat but scared at the responsibility that came with it.

hyh were able to help him make this transition. One of our fantastic support workers supported Issac in registering for Universal Credit and showed him how to manage work hours so that his rent was paid. His support worker was able to show him how to manage his utilities and other bills by budgeting and not getting into debt. All of these were valuable life skills he needed to live independently, especially as he had no family to support him in these areas.

In addition to this, the support worker was able to apply and obtain a grant that helped Issac to furnish his flat which made it feel like a home and not just an empty space. Along this journey he learnt to trust people again and to look forward to his future.

When Issac’s case was closed, he was confident that he could manage his tenancy as hyh had helped him gain the skills needed to do this. He knew where to ask for additional support if he ever needed it and was proud of the journey he had travelled and all that he had been able to achieve.

Issac is doing well and recently contacted hyh:

I just want to thank you for all your help and support that I have had from you. It’s been amazing. Don’t worry about me now, I will be fine!



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