We feel that the blog itself should ‘look and feel’ very different to our website (Alison sent over some examples which we liked the look of – Poppy Loves is our favourite

We like the taupe used – it compliments the purple

As ‘Poppy Loves’ blog – could we adapt similar creative approach, including social media tools.  The use of infographics at the top which then link to the relevant page works well

We still like the image we have sent but it doesn’t need to be in banner style – we can change the shape if needed.

We feel that the headings required are:

§  Donate – maybe in a big button

§  About us (links directly to our website)

§  Contact us

The blog post it self should be the biggest and prominent image

We would like a more contemporary feel to the design

With our first blog we would like shown – The title, image, date and byline along with a brief description (

With regards to the blog copy type face – could we use ariel

Would be good to see a muted background colour (maybe the taupe) to see if works