Homeless Now?


It is important that you exhaust all the possible housing options available to you before approaching any council as homeless.

To try and resolve your immediate homelessness, we recommend you contact friends, relatives, colleagues etc. to see if they’re able to offer you a place to sleep, even on a temporary basis.

If you have been evicted from your parents’/ guardians’ home due to relationship breakdown you may find using mediation beneficial.

Mediation from a recognised service such as hyh’s own or Mediation Hertfordshire can help reduce arguments and improve family relationships.

Mediators are impartial and help families recognise what issues need to be resolved and how to work towards a solution.

Support you can access


You may be eligible for longer term support from our Floating Support Service if you are a:

  • Care leaver
  • Leaving supported accommodation
  • At risk of eviction from temporary and permanent accommodation


The introduction of The Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) has given Local Housing Authorities new responsibilities towards those experiencing homelessness.


The council must help you within 56 days if you are at risk of becoming homeless

You can get help from the council, for example, when you receive a valid notice from your landlord and are struggling to find somewhere else to live, or in other circumstances where you are likely to become homeless.


The council must help all eligible households who are likely to become homeless to find suitable accommodation.

The council has a duty to help, but this does not mean they are required to provide a home for everyone.

The council will work with you to agree a Housing Support Plan, which outlines actions for you and/or the council to take in order to help prevent you becoming homeless and/or help you find a new home.

It is important you take responsibility for the actions that have been set out.
If you do not complete the actions you are responsible for, the council can discharge their duty to support you.
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Do you need someone to advocate for you?


An advocate is someone who will help you to understand your rights, speak up for you and make sure your views are considered when decisions are made.

If you require some further support or someone to advocate on your behalf please look at the links below.



Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to benefits, for more information look at.

There are lots of different organisations that can give you free advice on budgeting and ways to deal with debt. For more information look at the links below.

If you are homeless or likely to experience homelessness then private renting may be an option for you.