HomelessHub is covered by the following safeguarding policy.

We are committed to promoting best practice and ensuring that Children, Young People and Adults at Risk are free from harm and abuse. Where harm and abuse is recognised or suspected, we expect staff and volunteers to respond and refer in accordance with our policy and operational procedures.

If you need to speak to someone about a safeguarding concern, you can:

  1. call the Police on 999 if the concern presents an immediate threat to a person’s safety
  2. call the HomelessHub on 03003 230 130 to report your concerns
  3. Email our Safeguarding Leads on

If you are a staff member or volunteer submitting safeguarding information, please keep this email as confirmation of receipt.

Further information on safeguarding for your local authority area can be found at:


Children,  young  people  and  adults  at  risk  –  Health  &  Community  Services  by  calling  the customer services centre on 0300 123 4042

Adults  at  risk (if  you  believe  an  adult  is  receiving  mental  health  services)  –  by  calling  the Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust on 0300 777 0707