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Homeless charity in Hemel Hempstead


hyh is an independent charity dedicated to supporting the young homeless of Hemel Hempstead and other surrounding Hertfordshire areas.

We were established in 1998, to help young people secure and maintain appropriate accommodation by providing information, support and help in a crisis. hyh works with other agencies in Hemel Hempstead such as DENS and Rent Aid and throughout Hertfordshire towards improving local provision and preventing homelessness.

We believe that safe and secure accommodation is the essential foundation from which young Hemel Hempstead people can achieve a successful independent life. Our mainstream services are Advice and Information  and Floating Support and we have a number of other services which support and complement this work in areas such as Health, Mediation and Education. We are constantly exploring new ideas in an effort to achieve our goal of preventing homelessness in Hemel Hempstead.


Homeless in Hemel Hempstead?


A roof over our heads, the support of a loving family and somewhere safe to come home to are all things most of us take for granted. But, right now, many young people in Hemel Hempstead are unable to rely on any of these as they are either homeless or at risk of being homeless. Every day young people are homeless in our community and our mission is to support them into a secure situation and ensure that they do not return to the desperation of an uncertain future

"Every year we help over 2000 young people get their lives back on track..."

If you are a young person in Hemel Hempstead and are homeless or at risk of being homeless, please call our help line on 08000 355 775

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