Hari’s Story


Hari, 18, is a new mum. She hopes to be the best mum she can and wants to do whatever she can to give her child the best possible start in life. However, Hari was separated from her baby and homeless when we first met her.



Adapting to Motherhood


Turning 18 is when young people leaving care can be most vulnerable. Hari, like many other young care leavers, did not have a stable home and felt she didn’t have many people she could rely on. She had been staying with her mum since her baby was born, but their relationship is complicated. The demands of being a new mum and caring for a small baby put further pressures on things. After just a few weeks, Hari was asked to leave her mum’s and became homeless.


Hari was already being supported by Children’s services and they arranged for Hari’s mum to continue to look after her baby. Our outreach team arranged temporary accommodation for Hari. 


However, this arrangement created new challenges. With Hari and her mum’s relationship as it was, the two argued often and Hari was regularly denied access to her baby.

A breakthrough


Hari’s relationship with her mum was worsening, and now Hari couldn’t regularly see her own baby.  Hari was finding it difficult to cope with the stress of it all and her mental health was being affected.  

A breakthrough came from a court ruling that placed the baby with Hari’s former foster carer. Hari had a strong relationship with her foster carer, and she felt relieved that her baby was in a good home and hopeful that she would soon be able to see her baby more regularly. 


Housing hurdles


Now that she is back in regular contact with her baby, Hari has made some great progress with her wellbeing. She has also been benefiting from regular mental health support.


However, Hari’s search for a permanent home is still ongoing. The shortage of affordable housing in our local area has made it difficult for Hari to move on from temporary accommodation. Her housing applications have been turned down twice because she has failed affordability checks. We will continue to support Hari until she is settled in a permanent home, both with her applications but also preparing her for independent living.


We have supported Hari with a Personal Independence Application (PIP), and we are helping her with budgeting skills.  So, when Hari does find her home, she will be ready for her next steps in independent living and motherhood.