Emmas Story

Emma's Story


After the trust and communication had broken down with her family, Emma felt she could no longer be at home.

She began staying with a family friend with her little sister which is when she got in touch with our mediation service for help during this challenging time. Emma felt her parents were controlling and weren’t supporting her.

A hyh mediator met with each family member confidentially and discussed how they felt, what they wanted from their mediation sessions and what they wanted to be different within the family home. This was a non-judgmental space for them to speak without the worry of other people being there.

During the first family meeting it was agreed that there was room for change and key areas were identified as important for this; trust, boundaries, communication and spending time together as a family. The meetings that followed with Emma and her family, looked at how they could build up their trust with each other again and what they needed from each other to do this.

As the family began to understand each other better and open up the lines of communication that had broken down, they began to spend more time together. At the end of their mediation sessions, Emma and her family each said they felt they had the understanding and skills to continue on without the sessions. After working with our mediators, Emma and her sister were able to remain at home and felt the family as a whole were much happier.



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