Chris Story

Chris' Story


Christopher was referred to hyh in October 2020 following a difficult summer at home.

Due to the pandemic and the effects of lockdown his family had become quite isolated. They didn’t meet the threshold for any support from statutory agencies but – as the arguments became more and more severe – Chris’ mum became concerned for her own safety and that of her children.

She was the sole carer for Chris and his two younger siblings, who all have complex needs, and when she first approached us the expectation was that Chris would have to leave. They thought they’d tried everything and that nothing else would help.

However, as a family they started mediation and received support from hyh to work through the issues they had with communication.

Working with both Chris and his mum separately, James, our Targeted Outreach Worker, was alsoable to liaise with Chris’ college, discuss employment options, explore anger management and generally mentor him so he could make more informed choices and was able to become more independent. James worked hard to build a rapport over time, which provided Chris with his own support and empowered him to move forward on his own.

As a result, the arguments and conflict lessened, and when they did arise, the family were better equipped to deal with it. Chris has also become a more independent and resilient young man who is looking towards the future!

It was never inevitable that Chris would have to leave the family home. They still live together and can now focus on moving forwards as a family unit.



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