Amandas storyMediation: Sarah's Story


At the age of 17, Sarah made a self-referral to the 16-24 mediation service with her parents. The family were arguing a lot at home, and communication had broken down. Initially they met with the mediator individually for their chance to talk openly, to an impartial person about family circumstances, the arguments they were having and how each person could adjust in order to live together more comfortably.  

For the next two weeks the mediator continued to meet with the family members, using the time to look at how the family was working together to implement the changes they had discussed and how they were having a positive impact.

This was followed by three family meetings where everybody had a chance to express their feelings on what wasn’t working before, how things have improved and how they can continue with fewer arguments and more communication.

The family collectively decided to talk more openly and agreed to certain boundaries which were comfortable for both Sarah and her parents.



Six months later, the family are talking more, arguing less and living together happily with much less stress.