HealthHealth: John's Story


John was 39 when he was referred into our service. Four years earlier, John had lived with his partner Phil and although he was happy most of the time, when Phil had a few too many alcoholic drinks, he would become physically and emotionally abusive. When Phil lost his job, the abuse became more intense. Eventually John decided that he could no longer cope and he attempted suicide.

After a short spell in hospital, John went back home, but after only two weeks he moved out to stay with a friend. He then moved from sofa to sofa around the area and after seven months he ran out of friends to stay with. His erratic home life and poor mental health led to his work slipping and the firm of solicitors where he worked had to let him go.

After several weeks of sleeping rough, John ended up in a night shelter. His mental health had deteriorated significantly and as a coping mechanism he drank heavily and was using medication that he bought on the streets.

When John was referred to hyh Health, he was thinking about suicide on a regular basis and was drinking and misusing medication to a dangerous level. The Dual Diagnosis worker was able to build a strong rapport with him, and after only a few meetings helped him to access Spectrum (drug and alcohol support) and a GP. After four months of support, John was able to start looking to his future and moved into a supported hostel. The Dual Diagnosis Link worker and the hostel helped him to find a room in a privately owned flat.


John is now rebuilding his life slowly with a good support network of friends, and has begun to look for work.