AIM Case Study


Kate first started working with Herts Young Homeless (hyh) when she was 16 years old. She knew about hyh because they had supported her sister when she really needed help.

Kate's story is a sad but familiar one. When she was just 13, Kate's relationship with her mother completely broke down and she had to leave the family home to spend some time living with her sister Louise and her boyfriend. But it wasn't a secure environment for Kate - her sister was pregnant, and told her that she couldn't stay because there were two other children living at the property. And their relationship became increasingly difficult because of issues surrounding Kate’s boyfriend coming to the house.

Through hyh’s Advice and Information (AIM) service, an AIM worker managed to negotiate new rules for the household using their mediation skills. For example, Kate’s boyfriend was only able to stay for a set number of nights per week and Kate had to inform her sister when she was staying at her boyfriend's house. This meant that Kate was able to stay with her sister for the short term while hyh contacted her local council to arrange a meeting to discuss her future housing options.

The council were willing to make a referral to a hostel which helps young people to develop independent living skills.


Kate not only got help with housing - she has also received support from hyh to enable her to get back into education or employment and has been able to gain independent living skills so that she can become self-reliant. She now has stability, security and the chance of a bright future - something which would have seemed beyond her reach when she first contacted hyh.