Camerons Story

Cameron's Story


Prior to the first lockdown in Spring 2020, Cameron was referred into hyh by his Mum as he had been unable to remain at home, so was living with his Grandad near Cambridge.

This was due to conflict, both verbal and physical between his Mum and himself, his ongoing Mental health, as well as a lack of trust in their relationship because of his history of lying to his Mum. However, he was enrolled at a local college in Hertfordshire which he was unable to attend when in Cambridge and so it was agreed that it would be in the best interests of the family for Cameron to move back to the family home.

Herts Young Homeless put in place a package of support for the family. This was in the form of mediation to address the breakdown in the relationship between Cameron and his Mum, our Dual Diagnosis worker to support his mental health concerns/substance misuse and our Targeted Outreach Worker, who supported Cameron with college/employment and also provided intensive support to his Mum who was very isolated as the lockdown came into place.

Cameron’s Mum had been involved in relationships in the past where she had suffered domestic violence and was becoming increasingly concerned that Cameron was beginning to show similar traits and that this was influencing her younger son who looked up to his older brother. The hyh workers explained to Cameron that he was a role model to his younger brother and that he was setting an example.

Over time, the family showed remarkable progress due to the support in place and are now a well functioning unit. Cameron has been able to continue his college course and his Mum has even been able to go back into further education as Cameron has stepped up his level of responsibility within the family and now takes an active role with his younger brother. This has been achieved without the need for him to move into supported accommodation or the permanent breakdown of the family.

Cameron and his Mum have thanked us for our work, and are able to look to the future positively as a family, that have not only resolved many of their differences, but also have tools that they can employ in the future to prevent further conflict and thrive as a family.



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