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Angie's Story


Angie had been struggling to cope when Jacob, a Dual Diagnosis Family Link Worker, first started working with her.

Due to the restrictions in place over the past year, much had to be done remotely and Jacob understood how important it was to give her the time and space she needed to get comfortable.

At first, Angie was unable to show her face on camera and found the pressure of being ready for a certain time triggering for her anxiety. They agreed it was easier to take a more casual approach and Jacob would call when he had space to see if she was free for a meeting.

Self-worth was the main topic explored. Together, they discussed the concept of value, and how to value yourself. After establishing how valuable Angie was, Jacob started setting small weekly tasks for her to try to meet. This built her confidence and grew her capacity to deal with life's stresses.

These included setting a bedtime routine, learning, journaling, painting tables she intended to sell, and getting out of the house three times a week. Once they’d set up some good habits, they looked at Angie’s role within the family unit. By this time, her self-worth had grown to the point that she believed she had something to contribute.

During this time, Angie’s daughter had started struggling with some of her friends and confided in Angie about it. This was the perfect opportunity to put in to practice all the things they had discussed. Angie needed to be reliable, comforting and helpful. She was able to give her daughter a shoulder to cry on, give advice and be reliable in providing practical help.

No one's perfect and Angie will freely admit there is plenty still to work on. But having the strength to be a mum in the important moments has given her purpose and fulfillment.



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